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Birth is not only about making babies.

Birth is about making mothers...


mothers who trust themselves and know their INNER STRENGTH. 

-Barbara Katz Rothman

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Honoring the Sacredness of your Journey

Trust Your Body

Bringing a new life into the world is a magical journey - unique to each woman and family. I am committed to guiding you, supporting you, and informing you of physiological birth, infant care and honoring your postpartum. We can work together and personalize my services in order to make your journey into motherhood as positive as possible.  Every women deserves a magical birth and I want to help you attain that. I whole-heartedly believe that a woman's journey into motherhood should be recognized as sacred, whether you are a first time mama or a seasoned mama. It should be a time where you are honored, and your experiences are honored. You should feel empowered, supported and fully informed with the choices you make to bring baby earth-side.

 This is a passion of mine and my drive for knowledge is ever flowing, always learning and always growing. 

Grow along-side me.

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Get To Know Me.


I am a Registered Massage Therapist, a  certified Full Spectrum Birthkeeper & Doula, a Peer Lactation Counsellor, Infant Massage Instructor and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist! My drive for knowledge is ever flowing so more services will be provided as I attain more certifications.  I am a mom to 3 wonderful, wild children who keep me on my toes, and a dog mom to a derpy golden retriever named Thomas and a sassy Shepard named Juniper. My husband Jesse sets my soul on fire. I'm a professional snack provider, nose wiper, and hug giver. . I'm a bit rebellious, a bit hippy witchy. I'm a celebrator of the moon, you will often find me basking in its glow I love to camp, ride bikes, and spend time with my family. If I'm not with my family you will find me cruising winners or chapters with a Starbucks in hand! My drive for all things pregnancy, birth, and motherhood stemmed from my own journey into motherhood. I'm passionate about pregnancy and birth and I get to turn my passion into a career.

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Services Offered

Bundle Packages Available
Email for more information.

Birthkeeper Package

Prenatal, Birth Attendance, Postpartum Care.

In this package, You receive two prenatal visits, birth attendance, and two postpartum visits with the option of adding more.

Peer Lactation Counsellor

I'm Here For You.

Sometimes nursing can be challenging, frustrating and emotionally draining. I'm here to teach you some easy and comfortable nursing positions, tips and tricks to help with let down, deal with problems such as mastitis, and help get a good dee latch, and give you support when you feel you need it.

Placenta Encapsulation

Take charge of your postpartum healing, naturally,

Your placenta is full of rich amino acids, essential fats  and natural iron, so why not put that back into your body to help aid in your postpartum recovery journey!
In this package you will recieve capsules, placenta print and a keep sake!

Infant Massage 

Nurturing touch, Bonding and Connection 

An amazing 5 week program perfect for babies 0-12 Months old. I still consent right from the start, create a bond, help their growth and tummy issues, and offer nurturing touch that is crucial for their development! 

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Serving Central Alberta 


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