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What Is a Birthkeeper?

Empowering the Birthing Experience

A BirthKeeper is someone who holds space for women to find the very essence of their power,  to truly trust, connect and listen to their own bodies. 

A Birthkeeper will listen, so you can feel safe, seen, heard and respected in your birth. 

We respect and understand birth and the sacredness of it. Birthkeepers believe that birth is a right of passage. We help women embrace the power they hold within themselves! 

Birthkeepers encourage women to take control of their birth by being informed of their rights so they feel empowered to make choices best suited for them! 

Birthkeepers are much like Doula’s, without being bound and limited in how they can support women by fear of being stripped of their certification by the certifying organizations rules and regulations. 

Example, some organizations don’t condone the use of essential oils, where if you want oils in your birth space, with Birthkeepers you can! 

Doulas are a wonderful thing to have, there are many benefits and really there should be no separation between Doula and Birthkeeper as we are all there for the same reason, To encourage mamas and help bring baby earth side! 

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