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Heart and Hands


Fertility, Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum

This services is a choose what you need, or build your own bundle. Fertility- Learn how to utilize the fertility awareness method, gain knowledge on fertility options, birth control options. Prenatal- This service is for birthing people who would like to be informed about trimesters, what happens in labor, how you can honor your pregnancy, guidance on diet during pregnancy, infant care and any other questions you may have! This also comes with some other perks,  Interested in hearing what those are?        Reach out! Birth/Labor- This is where I hold space for you during labor and the birth of your baby. I help keep you informed in your choices, and advocate for the birth YOU want.. after all its your body, your baby, your birth! Postpartum- I want you to feel confident and  supported in your post partum journey. I can help with any house hold things you need. Laundry, light cleaning, few groceries and so much more! Want to talk about your birth experience? I will listen and hold space without judgment for you to share your feelings. The list can go on so if there is something your looking for during your postpartum journey, during the day or night, reach out and lets chat!


I'm here for you.

With this service I am able to provide you with breastfeeding knowledge! Going over the norms and myths of breastfeeding, nutrition for breastfeeding, pumping options. Informing you on things that may impact breastfeeding, help baby get a proper latch, and even other amazing things you can do with your breastmilk!  Breastfeeding struggles are a very real thing for some moms, and it can become overwhelming, stressful and can lead to feeling inadequate. I'm here to support you to the best of my ability and lead you to some great resources and reading material to make it easier for you.


Supporting your postpartum, naturally.

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing your placenta after the birth of your baby by dehydrating, grinding it into powder and placing it into capsules for the person who gave birth.

The benefits are based on reports from real mamas, who found amazing benefits from consuming their own placenta. There are some studies that indicate true scientific-based findings of the benefits but have not been approved by the FDA. 

Benefits found are:

Increased milk supply. Increased Energy. Reduces postpartum bleeding. Promotes quicker healing time. Decreases the risk of PPD/PPA and so much more!

If your interested in learning more I would love to chat!


5 week classes

In just 5 classes we cover what you need to know to be a master at infant massage.

 Just a few benefits of infant massage:

  • Promote restful sleep & communication

  • It may Improve digestion

  • Reduce crying, dropping those stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol 

  • Support brain & motor development

  • Promote physiological & neurological function

  • Soothe common discomforts

  • Relax you and babe, allowing that love hormone (oxytocin) to flow 

  • Increase healthy attachment

  • Deepen that parent-child bond with nurturing touch. 

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